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Elliot Vaughan: Constriction Tones — VIDEO

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Performed by Mark Menzies (viola - with rubber band) at the Pyramid Club, 23 September 2020.

In Elliott Vaughan’s ‘Constriction Tones’ a viola is modified by the stretching of a rubber band across the strings, obstructing certain characteristics of sound production: “a smooth bowed tone is not possible, the timbre is unruly, intonation is affected. Other characteristics are introduced.” The work is divided in three, the first movement exploring the bridge side of the strings, the second dealing with pizzicato and the third moving to the fingerboard side of the strings. Through these studies of different modes of playing the listener hears buzz, grind and whistle tones, bell-like inharmonic overtones and husky, veiled textures.

Filmed and edited by Chris Watson for the Resound Project (funded by NZ On Air). Audio provided by Sean Metcalf.

For a higher quality film of this performance, click here.

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