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Gitbox | Curveball — downloadable MP3 ALBUM

Digital sound file mp3

Gitbox | Curveball — downloadable MP3 ALBUM

Audio/visual Publication year: 2021



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2021 is Rattle’s 30th anniversary as an advocate for New Zealand art-music, and it gives us enormous pleasure to mark the occasion with a new album from Gitbox, the band that kicked things off for the label three decades ago with their much-loved and widely acclaimed Pesky Digits, Rattle’s very first release back in 1991. As curveballs go, we couldn’t have asked for a nicer one. The group’s music is as unique and vibrant as ever, just as Rattle’s enthusiasm for artists who follow their own compass is not only undiminished but even more determined as we move into our fourth decade.

Gitbox is comprised of ten acoustic guitarists who usually perform left to right in this order: Russell Hughes, Joanne Melbourne, Tomislav Skulic, Rob Mita, Sonia Wilson, Bodie Hermans, Peter Kirkbride, Sam Loveridge, Kim Halliday and Nigel Gavin.

Track listing:

  1. Sanctuary 1
  2. Absent Friend
  3. Dusty Pinballs
  4. Aspiration
  5. Dhoggs (My Dog Doesn't Respect Me)
  6. The Departure
  7. Dusty Pinballs Return
  8. Bug Fixes
  9. Curveball
  10. Three Pineapples, One Pomegranate
  11. Galaxy No. 7
  12. Guardian Angels
  13. Sanctuary 2
  14. Curveball
  15. Galaxy No. 7
  16. Three Pineapples, One Pomegranate
  17. Dusty Pinballs Return
  18. Aspiration
  19. Absent Friend
  20. A Terrible Flaw
  21. Threnody for Francisco Mendez
  22. Guardian Angels
  23. Bug Fixes
  24. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

This MP3 album is also available in FLAC format. Click here.


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