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Len Lye - Composing Motion: The Sound of Tangible Motion Sculpture


Len Lye - Composing Motion: The Sound of Tangible Motion Sculpture

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This CD comprises recordings of some of Len Lye's kinetic sculptures. One of New Zealand's most innovaive and remarkable artists, Len Lye became an internationally renowned animator, film maker and sculptor. Considered well ahead of his time, many of his kinetic sculptures have only recently been realised as they required technology and materials that have only more recently become available.

The Govett-Brewster Gallery in New Plymouth has the largest collection of Len Lye kinetic sculptures anywhere in the world and others have since been constructed:eg New Plymouth's 'Wind Wand' or the 'Water Whirler' on the Wellington waterfront.

The CD booklet contains information (and images) of the sculptures and their location. Included are recordings of the sounds made by the following kinetic sculptures when set in motion:
Bell Wand (components); Big Blade; Blade; Blade #2; Fountain; Grass; Radiohead #2; Roundhead; Sea Serpent; Storm; Stormking; Trilogy; Universe; Witch Dance (components)



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