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Tom McLeod's Filmography




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Tom McLeod's film credits:

Camino Skies - Feature Documentary (dir. Noel Smyth & Fergus Grady) 2019
Chips - Short Film (dir. Karen Kelly) 2019
City of 100 Lovers - Stage Musical [Musical Comedy Production] (dir. Tony Stimac) 2018
New Zealand Story - Web-Promo series [commercial] 2018
Kiwi Christmas - Feature Film (dir. Tony Simpson)
Monomoko "Love Your Lines" - Web-Promo [commercial] (dir. Tim Christie) 2017
Tama - Short Film (dir. Jared Flitcroft & Jack O'Donnell) 2017
Pecking Order - Feature Documentary (dir. Slavko Martinov) 2016
Into The Rainbow [aka The Wonder] - Feature Film (dir. Norman Stone) 2016
Hypothermia - Short Film (dir. Pavel Kvatch) 2015
The Art Of Recovery - Feature Documentary (dir. Peter Young) 2015
Act Of Kindness - Feature Documentary (dir. Costa Botes) 2015
When We Go To War - TV drama mini-series (dir. Peter Burger) 2015
Girl vs. Boy - TV drama/comedy SEASON 3 (dir. Thomas Robins/David Stubbs) 2014
Dancers - Short Film (dir. Louise Leitch) 2014
3 Mile Limit - Feature Film (dir. Craig Newland) 2013
Mitre 10 Dream Home - TV reality series SEASON 11 (dir. Leon Sefton) TVNZ, 2013
Girl vs. Boy - TV drama/comedy SEASON 2 (dir. Thomas Robins/David Stubbs) 2013
Blankets - Short Film (dir. Louise Leitch) 2013
The God Painter - Short Film (dir. Pavel Kvatch) 2013
The Present - Short Film (dir. Thomas Robins) 2012
Girl vs. Boy - TV drama/comedy series SEASON 1 (dir. Thomas Robins/David Stubbs) 2012
Spuren der Verganganheit - Tele-feature for ZDF (dir. Christoph Schrewe) 2012
The Gospel Of John - Booktrack score - New Testament (dir. Jacqueline Coats) 2012
Hot Rob - Short Film (dir. Andy Campion) 2012
Dr Grordbort presents: The Deadliest Game - Short Film (dir. James Cunningham) 2011
The Last Dogs Of Winter - Feature Documentary (dir. Costa Botes) 2011
Der Zauber von Neuseeland - Tele-feature for ZDF (dir. John Delbridge) 2011
Entscheidung des Herzens - Tele-feature for ZDF (dir. John Delbridge) 2011
Netherwood - Feature Film (dir. Cristobal Araus Lobos) 2011
Daytime Tiger - Feature Documentary (dir. Costa Botes) 2011
Sehnsucht nach Paradise Island - Tele-feature for ZDF (dir. Thomas Hezel) 2011
Whakatiki - Short Film (dir. Louise Leitch) 2010
Living With Ivy - Short Film 2010
Candyman: The David Klein Story - Feature Documentary (dir. Costa Botes) 2010
Alone Against The Tasman - TV Docu-drama for TV1 (dir. Roz Mason) 2010
One Night Only - TV talent show entertainment series for TV2, 2009
Lost In Wonderland - Feature Documentary (dir. Zoe McIntosh, prod. Costa Botes) 2009
The Amazing Extraordinary Friends - TV drama series for TV2 (Greenstone) 2006-2008 [3 SEASONS]
The Killian Curse 2 - TV drama series (TVNZ) 2007
Karaoke High - TV drama series (TVNZ) 2006
Karma - Short Film (dir. Damon Fepuleai) 2005
Tommy Love - TV comedy pilot (Prime) 2004
Maiden Voyage - Tele-feature (Carlton America, dir. Colin Budds) 2003
Secret Agent Men - TV drama series for TV3 (Greenstone) 2003-2004