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David Grace and Injustice | Rebelling - CD


David Grace and Injustice | Rebelling - CD

Audio/visual Publication year: 2014

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For the past three decades David Grace, vocalist, song writer and guitarist, has been at the forefront of music in Aotearoa. In the early 80's he lead reggae band Dread Beat & Blood whose "Tribute To A Friend" (1985) album was a milestone in Maori music. He appeared on the "Once Were Warriors" movie soundtrack with his band Survival and in 1997 he released Weapons Of Peace with his new band, Injustice. Today Tribute To Friend and Weapons Of Peace continue to be best selling recordings in the Jayrem Records' catalogue.

It is with great anticipation that David Grace & Injustice new 5-track recording is released in 2013. All penned by David Grace Give A Little is a song about people who are able to give a little to those less fortunate than themselves while Loved Ones is about dealing with the loss of friends and family. David's deep affinity with other indigenous cultures is expressed in Rebelling (uprisings in Syria, Lybia and Egypt) and Fly The Flag (the Palestinian/Israeli conflict). and the hugely popular Maori anthem, Rua Kenana.

Track listing:

  1. Give a Little
  2. Loved Ones
  3. Fly the Flag
  4. Rebelling
  5. Rua Kenana

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