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Meet composer
Erin Fagan

In this series, we present our new composers. We are proud to introduce Erin Fagan.

My vocation and training is primarily as a composer, though my work in the music industry covers many areas. I am a composer, teacher, pianist, musical director, arranger, and music salesman as well. I work independently in my writing though during the week I am the Piano & Keyboard Specialist for KBB Music and the Rockshop. I always try to be human in my writing, purposeful and directly expressive regardless of genre or medium. My focus is always on creating connections in music, as that something I am always interested in most as a listener. I have my music performed on the theatrical, orchestral and chamber stages, as well as behind the scenes of movies and games.

Alqualondë is a large orchestral work that was workshopped by the APO in my Honours year of university and takes inspiration from the spellbinding writing of J.R.R. Tolkien.

In Glory Undimmed, written in the same year (2015) is a work for piano trio inspired by the early music of Douglas Lilburn. It is performed by the NZ Trio.

Most recently my duet for two clarinets 'Scheresque' was performed at the University of Auckland Clarinet Weekend and I am about to start working on a couple of commissions for 2020. Alongside that I have just finished creating the Piano/Vocal score for a new musical that I am hoping to workshop in 2020. More news to come on that soon!

You can contact me through my Facebook page.

If you're wanting to hear more of my music then I have music on:

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