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Meet composer
Bill Rootes

Please tell us about yourself and what you do.

I originally started out my musical career in the rock band/songwriter world as a guitar player & writer when it came to music, however, after a heavy arm injury I ended up taking a different path in writing for piano & solo instrument music via written scores (due to only having the use of my right hand for several months). Quickly developing a passion for this new medium I then decided to study composition at university shortly after that & ended up incorporating both worlds of my musical once I regained the use of my left hand in order to play the guitar.

Please choose 2-3 of your works/albums and tell us about them.

5 + a Day 

This piece was sort of a dedication to one of my favourite piano composers the great yet humble Erik Satie in which I wanted to create a short piece that gave the impression of colorful fruit pastel visuals, whether or not I achieved this or not didn't seem to matter in the end as I ended up really liking the result.

Pennies Before People 

This piece of music touches upon the ongoing debate within humankind between the constant collapsing economy and the concern for the welfare of the people that live within it. Despite the lack of lyrical content to make this immediately evident, the constant changing between serenity intertwining & yet a growing sense of harmonic & melodic divide of the music exists throughout the piece. In this example, the music gently represents the spinning sound of a recently dropped coin to represent a sense of giving back to those who need help the most.

Cultures of Abbreviation LP (2017)

This record was a display of my songwriting side as I also enjoy gritty heavy music of the guitar orientation, I had some amazing classical, jazz & rock musicians play on this one & enjoy the result to this very day.

What are you working on at the moment?

I am now in the process of completing my undergraduate's degree in music with a major in composition as well as 2 new records, one being a collaborative EP & the other being a third solo LP project involving a series of chamber works & singer/songwriter based songs.

Where can people connect with you?