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CMNZ - The Rest is Noise


THE REST IS NOISE A revelatory exploration into the history of 20th-century chamber music.

This programme will be a veritable smorgasbord of small tasters that explores many of the most stimulating and significant developments in the history of chamber music throughout the 20th Century. If there is one characteristic that unites the music of this period, in which all aspects of human endeavour seem to have been transformed at unprecedented speed, it is variety. To illustrate the connections between these works, celebrated writer Alex Ross will weave a narrative through the performance that offers insights into the creation of this music, the composers behind it and their changing world. The enthusiasm with which Alex Ross wrote about 20th Century music in THE REST IS NOISE has proved revelatory.

This concert will include excerpts from the following seminal works:

SCHOENBERG | Pierrot Lunaire (1912)
RAVEL | Chansons Madécasses (1923)
BARTÓK | Contrasts (1938)
MESSIAEN | Quartet for the End of Time (1941)
LIGETI | Balada si joc (Ballad and Dance) (1950)
STRAVINSKY | Three Songs from William Shakespeare (1953)
JENNY MCLEOD | For Seven (1966)
BERIO | O King (1968)
BOULEZ | Improvisé – pour le Dr. Kalmus (1969)
XENAKIS | Charisma (1971)
GILLIAN WHITEHEAD | Manutaki (1985)
KAIJA SAARIAHO | Oi Kuu (1990)
DAVID LANG | Short Fall (2000)


National Tour