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Troy Kingi

Composer, Māori Composer, Performer


Troy (Te Arawa, Ngāpuhi, Te Whānau-ā-Apanui) is an actor and an multi-award-winning, multi-genre musician originally from Rotorua and Te Kaha. A small-town boy at heart, Kingi is now based in Kerikeri, Bay of Islands, where he lives a pretty simple life with his wife and five children.

Described by the New Zealand Music Commission as “Our Northland Treasure”, Kingi rose to fame after the release of his first two multi-award-winning albums ‘Guitar Party at Uncles Bach’ and ‘Shake That Skinny Ass All the Way to Zygertron’, along with memorable major roles in Kiwi films including ‘Hunt For The Wilderpeople’, ‘The Pā Boys’, ‘Mt Zion’ and ‘The Breaker Upperers’.

Over and above his love for acting, Kingi’s passion for music has led to a successful and ever-expanding artistic career. A hard task master on his own creativity, Troy is nearing the mid-point of his aspirational 10 10 10 Series (to release 10 albums in 10 genres in 10 years). He is a prolific songwriter and serial collaborator, with voracious capacity and freakish efficiency. He is also an experienced teacher with an affinity for empowering the young, having been a New Zealand Music Commission mentor since 2015, working with high school students across Aotearoa, as well as a mentor on ‘Songs From the Inside’, a TV series aimed at rehabilitating inmates through song-writing.

His third album, ‘Holy Colony Burning Acres’ – a hard-hitting deep roots-reggae album focused on major issues facing indigenous peoples all around the world and “a strong political bent”, won the prestigious 2020 Taite Music Prize, and a nomination for the coveted Silver Scroll Award for ‘Mighty Invader’. The album also earned Kingi two awards at the 2019 Vodafone New Zealand Music Awards – Best Roots Album, and for a second consecutive year, Best Māori Artist.

Kingi’s fourth album, ‘The Ghost of Freddie Cesar’, is inspired by memories of his father who disappeared fifteen years ago, 70s funk, and the music and stories of Freddie Cesar – an exceptional yet relatively unknown African-American funk musician; the record was released on September 11th, 2020.

His latest album, Black Sea, Golden Ladder is a collaboration with award-winning singer/songwriter and producer Delaney Davidson. A folk/songwriter music compilation of free-form compositions set to ten original poems documenting the life cycle of humankind.

Kingi is the 2020 recipient of the Mātairangi Mahi Toi Māori Artist Residency at Government House, a partnership between the Office of the Governor General of New Zealand and Toi Rauwhārangi College of Creative Arts at Massey University Wellington.

Information about Troy Kingi and his music for film and television can also be found on the NZ On Screen website.

Composed (107)

9 Million Light Years

Funk, 4m 26s

Age Is Just Numerical L.J.

80's Pop Style, 3m 34s

All Your Ships Have Sailed

Funk, Rock, 4m 18s


Te Reo Māori, Pop, 3m 13s

Apron Strings

Rock, 4m 49s

Aquarii B

Funk, Rock

Authenticity T.P

80's Pop Style, 6m


Funk, 4m 42s

Babylon Grows

Reggae, 2m 29s


Soul, R&B, alt Rock, 4m 37s

Bats & Vampire Squid

Rock, 4m 1s

Bird Of Paradise

Funk, 3m 51s

Born Of This Earth

Reggae, 3m 51s

Break a Bone

Rock, 2m 49s

Call My Name

Indie folk, 2m 20s

Call My Name (School)

Indie Folk, Rock, 2m 22s

Can't Stop

Rock, 4m 43s

Caught in The Rain

Funk, Reggae, 5m 22s


Alt Rock, 4m 21s

Chronophobic Disco

Reggae, Rock, 5m 2s

Clear Sea Air

Rock, 3m 34s

Coke Lines

Rock, 3m 28s

Cold Steel

Rock, Reggae, 3m 18s

Colour Of My Skin

Reggae, 3m 51s



Crown Jewels P.H.D.O.S

80's Pop style, 4m 22s

Elephant in the Room M.Z.

80's Style Pop, 5m 2s


Reggae, 3m 51s

Eyes at 80 Fathoms

Reggae, 4m 26s

Fantasy League

Alt Rock, 3m 55s

First Nation

Reggae, 4m 56s

First Take Strut

Rock, Funk, 4m 14s

Flat Earth Syndrome

R&B, 5m 23s

Forest Voices

Acapella choir, 34s

Forgotten Like a Dream (Mortality)

Funk, Indie Folk, 4m 13s

Fork In The road (Choices)

Indie Folk/ Rock, 3m 56s

Freaky A.K.

80's Pop Style, 4m 53s

Glass Eels

Reggae, 5m 18s

Golden Shoes

Reggae, 4m 29s

Golden Taurus

R&B, 4m 26s

Gonna Find Who I Am

Roots, 1m 19s

Good Love

Rock, Soul, 3m 59s

Grandma's Rocket Poem

Reggae, 5m 15s

Happy Colour

alt Rock, 5m 4s

He Ōrite

Indie Rock, with The Nudge, 4m 24s

How Much Fruit

Reggae, 4m 46s

Hunt Down Happiness (The Meaning)

Indie Folk/Rock, 4m 43s

I Know Fate

Rock, 3m 47s

Is The Honeymoon Gone?

Big Band, Reggae, Rock, 4m 15s

It Doesn't Matter

Funk, Soul, Alt Rock, 1m 34s

Just a Phase

Rock, Reggae, 8m 5s

King of the Powder

Funk, 4m 26s

Krispy Kreme

R&B, Soul, 3m 3s

Leg Space

Rock, Funk, 3m 33s

Lest We Forget

Reggae, 4m 24s

Link Link Link

Alt Rock, 3m 54s

Luna Steppa

Reggae, 4m 47s

Man from Mercury

Rock, 4m 40s

Marangai Te Āio

Te Reo Maori, Mōteatea, Acapella, 1m 7s


Te Reo Māori, Soul, 5m 6s

Mighty Invader

Reggae, 5m 57s


Alt Rock, Funk, 4m 6s

Missing in the Mist

Rock, 4m 47s


Reggae, 4m 6s

Nam Must Stay

Rock, Reggae, 3m 53s

Never Take Me Away (Love)

Indie Folk, 4m 14s

No Reason to 2nd Guess M.G.

80's Pop Style, 6m 56s

Oil Spill

Rock, 5m 53s

Paparazzo S.J

Indie Rock, 3m 30s

Picking up Speed

Rock, 4m 7s

Pocket For Your Petty Cash J.W.

80's Style Pop, 3m 10s

Predetermined Machine

Funk, 4m 1s

Presidents & Assholes

Funk, Soul, 3m 34s

Pseudo Ego

Reggae, 6m 20s

Ray of Sunshine R.K

80's Pop Style, 3m 31s


Alt Rock, Reggae, 4m 41s

Sea of Death (Death)

Indie Folk, 8m 51s


Alt Rock, 5m 58s

Shake That Skinny Ass

Reggae, 4m 1s

Sky People

Funk, alt Rock, 1m 54s

Skylegs Jackson

Rock, Funk, 3m 17s

Sleep (Slumber)

Indie Folk, 4m 21s

Stevie With A Smile

80's Pop, 1m 32s


Alt Rock, Reggae, 5m 37s

The Fms Train

Reggae, 4m 13s

The Tower Of Babel

Te Reo Māori, World Music, 48s

This Is Home

Rock, Reggae, 4m 34s

Through My Venetians

Reggae, Rock, Big Band, 3m 48s

True Love

Reggae, 3m 40s


Te Reo Māori, English, Acoustic, Reggae, 4m 6s

Tumble Weed & Spurs

Rock, 4m 43s

Turbo Nocturnal

Rock, 4m 10s


Te Reo Māori, Indie Folk, 3m 29s

Twilight (Retirement)

Reggae, Indie Folk, 3m 12s

Typhoon Fools

Rock, 4m 23s

Under Ledges

Rock, 4m 15s

We Were Once Kings 

Reggae, 4m 50s

Who Lives in The Abyss? A.A.

80's Pop Style, 2m 38s

Yes Mallory

Funk, soul, R&B, 49s

You in a Nutshell

Rock, 5m 9s

You In My Arms (Birth)

Indie Folk, Rock, 3m 46s

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