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Fergus Fry


Born: 1998


Fergus Fry is a composer of instrumental, live electronics, and fixed media works that seek to challenge and explore existing stylistic and genre divisions. His works infuse elements of Jazz and Pop within a contemporary classical setting and he regularly uses electronics to extend and enhance the listening experience. Fergus has had his work presented across the country including at the 2023 Off Centre and Bloom 2019 Spring Festivals. He also works as an audio engineer, with notable projects being Naoto Segawa’s Nature, Corduroy, Live at Meow 2020, Sounds of Te Koki 2019, and countless studio recordings.

Fergus is a sought-after curator and producer having convened projects such as the 2022 Nelson Composers Workshop and the 2023 University of Auckland’s graduate recording project with SOUNZ Centre for New Zealand Music. He is currently working as John Psathas’ assistant, providing administrative support to areas such as his schedule and website and assisting with tour preparation and logistics. Fergus is also developing a project management application for artists and musicians.

A master's graduate of the University of Auckland; Fergus’s academic work is centred around examining topics of sustainability within the New Zealand Compositional Landscape (NZCL). For his research, Fergus interviewed 26 active New Zealand Composers, conducting one of the largest studies on New Zealand Composers in recent memory. This research saw the development of the PAPA model of compositional practice and classifying compositional mediums, directives, and motivations.