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Sonya Ishimnikova


Born: 1996


Sonya Ishimnikova is a New Zealand sonic artist, electronic musician and composer. Her works include acousmatic, electroacoustic, installations, film scoring and coding.

Sonya started in the field of Sonic Arts in 2020. Having focussed on electronic music and sound synthesis, she has since expanded her interests to include field recordings, live coding and studio production.

At Te Kōkī New Zealand School of Music, she explored the intersection of the organic and synthetic, via granular synthesis and musical coding using MaxMsp and modular synthesis. In her work, she focuses on the emotional aspects of sound, deeming these elements most important in her practice.

Having released her Abundance & Sanctuary EP, she is working on more music under the moniker Modniy. It is a project that encompasses her interest in electronic music and her love of '80s instruments and the forthcoming genre of Solar Punk.

As she continues her studies, she hopes to delve further into the world of sonic arts and composition and use her platform to collaborate with other like-minded musicians.

Composed (1)

Sounds from the Outside

audio performance and installation, 5m