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Tipene Harmer

Performer, Māori Composer, Composer


Ngāti Kahungunu, Ngāti Porou, Ngāti Kahu

Tipene Harmer, is one of Aotearoa’s leading Hip Hop Artists of Ngāti Kahungunu descent from Te matau a Maui-Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand.

Tipene’s passion is to bring an understanding of te ao Māori (Māori worldview) in his quest to uplift, empower and 're-indigenise' Māori through the power of his music. Both in songwriting, composition, embracing kaupapa (set of values, principles) Māori incorporating Taonga Pūoro (traditional māori wind instruments) bilingual lyricism weaved through a modern soundscape of world class hip hop production.

“Music to me is all about the way you feel and expressing that through music. I can’t read music or play any instruments but I know how to make music you can feel”

He is a modern-day kaikorero (orator), brought up with strong māori values manaakitanga - to uplift, encourage and support - Kotahitanga, which is working together as part of a collective to achieve and whakapono - to stay true to what he says and everything he does. And in his sharing through his music, his own personal journey, combined with mātauranga Māori (indigenous knowledge) he opens the door for others to embrace the depth and richness of Māori culture.

Tipene's latest album 'Heritage Trail' is a synergy of te ao Māori and hip-hop culture, providing an honest record of Tipene’s life right now. This body of work is a historic timeline of ancient Māori voyaging the pacific and discovering Aotearoa (New Zealand) captured in a modern day soundscape of wind instruments, 808 bass drops, airy samples and bilingual lyricism that transports the listener into an ancient time zone.

“I wrote this album for a hundred years down the track, after I’m long gone. When my photo is hanging in the marae (meeting house) and my mokopuna (grandchildren) points to it and asks' ‘who's that?’, ‘what was he like?’, they can press play on this album. This music is about legacy.”

Tipene has collaborated with notable NZ music icons such as Prince Tui Teka, Chē Fu, Troy Kingi, Scribe, Maisey Rika, DLT, DAM Native, Sid Diamond, Mareko, Pieter T, Chong Nee and Fortafy. Super producers Sickdrumz (Rhianna, Lil Wayne), 10A (Scribe, Kingz, JessB) have also worked closely with Tipene.

Tipene has produced 2 studio albums and has 100k followers with over 8 million streams across all platforms.

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Composed (32)


Te Reo Māori, English, Hip Hop, Rap, 3m 47s


Bi Lingual, Hip Hop, 2m 50s


Hip Hop, 3m 28s


Hip Hop, 3m 26s


Hip Hop, 3m 58s


Hip Hop, 3m 58s

Doin' My Thing

Hip Hop, 3m 22s


Hip Hop, 3m 31s


Te Reo Māori, English, Taonga Puoro, Hip Hop, 3m 40s

Letters To The Starrs

Hip Hop, RnB, 4m 21s


Hip Hop, Rap, 4m 2s

My Love

Hip Hop, 3m 25s

Nanny's House

Hip Hop, 2m 14s

Nothin' to Say

Hip Hop, 3m 7s


Te Reo Māori, English, Hip Hop, 2m 47s


Hip Hop, 4m 44s


Hip Hop, 3m 57s

Strife Cycle

Hip Hop, Pop, 3m 49s

Taiki E

Hip Hop, Rap, 3m 11s


Hip Hop, 4m 23s


Hip Hop, RnB, 3m 34s

Time in the Sunshine

Hip Hop, RnB, 4m 12s


Rap, Taonga Puoro, Te Reo Māori, English, 2m 59s

Tēnei Au

Hip Hop, Rap, 1m 55s


Te Reo Māori, Hip Hop, Spoken Word, 4m 17s


Hip Hop, 3m 47s


Hip Hop, Rap, 3m 18s


Hip Hop, 3m 56s

We No Muck Around

Hip Hop, 2m 50s

West Side Hori

Hip Hop, 4m 14s

What You Say

Hip Hop, 4m 20s


Hip Hop, 2m 50s