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Emma Carlé


Born: 1978


Emma Carlé is classically trained in violin and piano and studied composition with John Psathas, Jack Body, John Young and Ross Harris at Victoria University, Wellington, where she gained a BMus(Hons) and a BA in criminology. Her interests were mainly in music of non-western traditions and while at university, she was a member of Javanese gamelan ensemble Padhang Moncar, which has appeared in some of her compositions.

Composed (6)

6 fives are 30

for flute, clarinet, violin, cello, double bass and percussion, 1m

Each of Two

for chromatic gamelan and saxophone quartet, 5m

Go Go Gadget Arms

for three violins and Javanese bonang, 5m


electroacoustic work, 9m

Leftovers for Dinner

for chamber ensemble, 1m

Washed Up at Makara

for violin, harp and piano, 5m

Resources (1)

Performances (1)

Gamelan Aotearoa

Experience gamelan at the National Library with Wellington's __Gamelan Padhang Moncar__, introduc...