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Composer space
Deborah Wai Kapohe

In our Composer Spaces series, we ask composers to share a bit about their working environment and to give us a brief insight into their process. This week we present composer Deborah Wai Kapohe.

Please list any iwi | tribal | nation affiliations:

Te Atihaunui a Pāpārangi

Please tell us about your composition and writing process, and what inspires you when composing?

Lyrics inspire me. I begin by either writing first or using another writer's poetry.

Please describe the space where you compose your music, what makes it unique, and why have you chosen it?

I compose everywhere.

What equipment (including software) do you have in your space? Is there anything unusual, interesting or quirky about it?

I enjoy writing with a guitar, iPhone to record the song, a notebook and a pencil.

How have you adapted during the COVID-19 lockdown?

I have used the lockdown to work very hard on my music, in particular to improve my singing technique.

Has any special projects/songs come about as a result of the C-19 lockdown?

Yes, I created a website that focusses on advanced singing technique. On the website, I created a Lockdown Concert. The second Lockdown Concert is due in June. I live in South Africa. Our lockdown is pretty tough. The Concerts are a positive goal to have during this time.

What are you currently working on?

I am working on my proposal for a Doctorate. I am practicing hours a day because the Doctorate will be focussed on singing technique. I hope a small portion of the Doctorate will involve one or two of my songs.

Here are the mountains surrounding Franschhoek, Western Cape, South Africa, where I live.

Are you working on anything special, and if so can you tell us about it?

Lockdown Concert Programme Two will be released on my website. I will sing 'Peace Song' by New Zealand Composer, Dorothy Buchanan.