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  • a live score for dance, in collaboration with choreographer/filmmaker Daniel Belton.
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38' 00"
two violins, cello and piano. Also contains electronics and projected film.

Introduction [4:15]
I. Doppio Movimento [3:40]
II. Rondeau [4:25]
III. Sarabande [4:20]
IV. Bourrée [4:20]
Double [2:30]
V. Polonaise [4:25]
VI. Menuet [3:25]
VII. Badinerie [4:50]


application/pdf,116k Score (116k) pages 1-4© Michael Norris

Programme Note

“Time is cut open. Time is dismantled. It is this gateway that we open and close to really observe movement, and to glimpse Spirit. In this work it is the reunion of separated or broken parts that finds fluidity and wholeness. The compass of the dance is given full articulation in this state – we can appreciate the elegance and the mastery of the human form in space.

Time Dance is in one sense a study of the dancer in action. Sinews of time – this is the algebra. It is not only examining but also restoring – reuniting from fragments of time – these pieces of time are coalescing to make the dance. When the figure pauses, the cascading echoes created through dance catch up with it. These are the monuments. When we catch up with ourselves we create a harmonic in space time. It is another way of celebrating being human. In the work we observe the relationship and sense of belonging to our home planet, Earth. This is geological, and thalassic – like a great cloak of emotion, the geometric grids and moving point maps are energetic prints containing our stories, our journeys, our pain, fear, beauty, love and joys. They are rippling beyond time, across time with the emotional frequencies that make up what it is to be human. This is also a dance. Time will quiver. I want to magnify silence and distort stillness. The geometry is a field of consciousness. Ultimately our physical bodies are the products of wave actions. The shadow is going into a wave space – and that alters the way we see everything."
Daniel Belton, Director

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Commissioned by Good Company Arts

Performance History

World Premiere for P: TIMEDANCE; STROMA 091012 09 Oct 2012 Performed by STROMA: Anna van der Zee, Megan Molina (vn), Rowan Prior (vc), Emma Sayers (pf), Hamish McKeich (cond), Michael Norris (elecs), presented by the Body Festival at the Middleton Grange Performing Arts Centre, in Christchurch.
Emma Sayers    Hamish McKeich    Stroma
17 Oct 2012 Performed by STROMA: Anna van der Zee, Megan Molina (vn), Rowan Prior (vc), Emma Sayers (pf), Hamish McKeich (cond), Michael Norris (elecs), presented by TEMPO festival at Q Theatre, in Auckland.
Emma Sayers    Hamish McKeich    Stroma
11 Nov 2013 Performed by STROMA at Marama Hall in Dunedin.
Selected excerpts
30 Aug 2015 Performed by Stroma at City Gallery in Wellington.



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