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application/pdf,99k Score (99k) Pages 1-3© Michael Norris
audio/mpg,932k Recording (932k) 0:00-1:00© Radio New Zealand / SOUNZ
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Programme Note

In the book Consciousness Explained Daniel Dennett convincingly argues that there is nothing about human consciousness, emotion or experience that cannot be encompassed by a purely physical, biological and mechanical explanation. We do not need to refer to some ‘soul’ or ’mind’s eye’ to describe our experiences. We are, in short, machines – just very clever machines.

These three short miniatures push the performer to the limits, yet, paradoxically, a ‘human’ reading of the score still brings to the surface a more energetic, compelling and arguably musical performance than a merely mechanical rendition.

Commissioned by Stephen De Pledge
Difficulty Note:
Includes note clusters

Performance History

World Premiere for P: Machine Noise; De Pledge 250507 25 May 2007 Performed by Stephen De Pledge (piano); Adam Concert Room, Victoria University of Wellington, Wellington
Stephen De Pledge
02 Nov 2007 Performed by Stroma at St Andrew’s on The Terrace, Wellington
27 Feb 2008 Performed by Stephen De Pledge at the Ilott Theatre, Town Hall Wellington, as part of the 2008 New Zealand International Arts Festival
Stephen De Pledge
25 Aug 2010 Performed by Stephen De Pledge (piano) as part of the Dartington International Summer School at the Great Hall, in Dartington, England
Stephen De Pledge
06 Apr 2011 Performed by Stephen De Pledge (piano) at the Auckland Town Hall Concert Chamber in Auckland, as part of the New Zealand International Piano Festival
Stephen De Pledge
04 Jul 2011 Performed by Stephen de Pledge (piano) at St Margaret’s Church Lothbury as part of the City of London Festival
Stephen De Pledge
22 Mar 2012 Performed by Stephen de Pledge at the University of Glasgow Concert Hall (22 March 2012) and at the University of Edinburgh Reid Concert Hall (23 March 2012), Scotland.
Stephen De Pledge


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