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  • Te More - Whirimako Black and Richard Nunns

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Te More is a tribute to one of Maoridom’s most famous early composers, Mahi-ki-te-kapua. The album consists of a selection of moteatea from Tuhoe, and pieces composed by Whirimako and Richard in the moteatea tradition. The concentrated simplicity and austerity of Te More situates it closely to Te Ku Te Whe. It is a work that connects the oldest and most revered traditions of waiata with the contemplative concentration of 21st century art music. Emotionally rich, texturally lush, this beautiful recording brings together two of our finest musical taonga.

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 Richard Nunns 
 Whirimako Black 

A work in ten parts for vocals and taonga pūoro.
1-4. Te More Suite (20:53)
5-9. Ororuarangi Suite (15:47)
10. Kaore te po nei morikarika (9:50)

Publication Year:2011
Copyright:Rattle Records


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