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  • Anthony Ritchie: Piano Preludes


Composer Anthony Ritchie follows in the footsteps of Bach, Chopin, Shostakovich and Debussy by using the centuries-old tradition of twenty-four preludes to experiment writing in all equal-tempered major and minor keys. Along with his own musical style and tendencies, Ritchie has transported modern analytical theory such as Tone-Clock technique and Magic Squares into the tradition – in turn paying tribute to his national contemporaries Jenny McLeod and Gillian Whitehead. This anthology of piano preludes is performed by Sharon Vogan.

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24 Preludes Anthony Ritchie 49' 16"
preludes for solo piano


audio/mpeg,468k Recording (468k) from 'Very slow and mysterious - for Debussy'© Atoll CDs
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Performed by Sharon Joy Vogan


Publisher Note:Atoll Ltd.
Imprint:Atoll ACD 504
Publication Year:2004


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