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  • Te Whaiao: Te Kū Te Whē Remixed


Hirini Melbourne’s and Richard Nunn’s 1994 recording Te Kū Te Whē has been pivotal to the rediscovery of sounds and practices of the taonga puoro (traditional Maori instruments). Te Whaiao celebrates this with contemporary electronica-based artists remixing original tracks and thereby adding a new level of appreciation of taonga puoro. Contributing artists include Chris Macro, SJD, Unitone HiFi, Rhian Sheehan, Epsilon Blue, Lee Prebble, James Duncan, Sola Rosa, Warren Maxwell, Farmer Pimp, Pitch Black, The Nomad, Victoria Kelly, and Salmonella Dub.

Individual tracks are available to purchase by digital download by clicking on the works below.

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Homai o Ringa Hirini Melbourne
Victoria Kelly
03' 30"
arrangement of an original music by Hirini Melbourne and Richard Nunns
Publisher Note:Rattle Records
Imprint:Rattle RAT-D014
Series Title:Te Whaiao: Te Ku Te Whe Remixed
Publication Year:2006
Copyright:Rattle Records


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