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Quirk No. 4 - Between the Jigs & the Reels

for violin and piano

Year:  2004   ·  Duration:  7m

Year:  2004
Duration:  7m

Dave Flynn

Composer:   Dave Flynn


A master Irish story-teller will often ramble like a meandering river. The story they tell can seem quite incoherent, but it is almost always a great and entertaining story where everything is subtly linked. Similarly this piece of music rambles and meanders through many seemingly conflicting styles. I believe all music is linked to the same source. It’s a bit like the six degrees of separation theory where everyone in the world is at most six steps away from knowing each other. In this piece I link traditional Irish music to jazz, rumba, blues, baroque music and contemporary classical music. In doing so I don’t use any existing music, all the music is of my own invention.

This piece was originally written for violin and piano in 2004. I re-arranged it for Piano Trio then.

I also arranged a version for violin, cello and guitar which was premiered by Cora Venus Lunny, Kate Ellis and myself at an Irish Composer’s Collective concert in March 2010.

Contents note

Versions also available for violin, cello and electric guitar and piano trio