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time and glue

violin, violoncello, piano

Year:  2017   ·  Duration:  8m

Year:  2017
Duration:  8m

Josiah Carr

Composer:   Josiah Carr

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a waste of time and glue. This piece takes its inspiration from a poem by New Zealand poet Emma Harris. I was particularly captured by the poem Glue and the nostalgic way it captured experiences she had as a child which I personally related with. In the poem she discusses how she remembers her father attempting to glue back fragments of different objects back together that had been broken throughout the week. I related with this, but also liked the reminiscent way it portrayed these memories.

In this piece, I have approached the piano trio in a way which directly responds to the nature of the poetry. The piano acts as the glue in the piece; trying to hold together small fragments and ideas the violinist and cellist present individually and together. As these ideas develop, things become more energetic as things struggle to fit together as they perhaps should be which leads to a break-down in energy and momentum. As the piece progresses further and energy develops again, the ideas in both violin and cello develop to a point where things are eventually mended together as the string parts join the pianists melodic material.

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