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that which does not conform

for orchestra

Year:  2017   ·  Duration:  8m
Instrumentation:  2*222; 4221; 3 perc; hp, pno/cel; strings | (Perc: woodblock, susp. cymbal, tub. bells, whip, marimba, bass drum, vib., bongo)

Year:  2017
Duration:  8m
Instrumentation  2*222; 4221; 3 perc; hp, pn...

Marcus Jackson

Composer:   Marcus Jackson

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Marcus Jackson: that which ...

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I have recently become obsessed with an elusive conceptual image: that of a unitary body, perhaps a composite of many objects, attempting to reach beyond itself. that which does not conform takes as its inception this idea of the body: muscular, physical, a series of intricate units dedicated to a whole. emphasising the materiality of the performers, the piece undergoes processes of organic growth and decay, in constant search of its own limit, pulling away from itself, standing by as it begins to rupture. In such, the piece is a small step in a particular conceptual direction: the result of the faltering foot of an infant emerging into this new world. Conformity comes in many forms, but here, it takes the shape of a body struggling in vain to keep itself bound together.

Commissioned note

for the NZSM Orchestra

Dedication note

for my mother