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Voo Doo Queen

for piano

Year:  1992

Year:  1992


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VooDoo Queen is named after Marie Leveaux, the famous nineteenth century VooDoo Queen of New Orleans, who exerted a powerful influence over many citizens. This work is a collaborative rag. I asked Alabama-born Brooklyn-resident Ragtime composer Donald Ashwander whether he would be interested in writing a collaborative rag. He was very enthusiastic, so I sent him the title and idea, and the first two sections with the repeat of the ‘A’ section is what he came up with. Although what follows (which was written by myself) is very different style, it could not exist were it not for the previous sections; almost all of the melodic material is derived from the first part composed by Donald Ashwander. For this reason it remains a coherent work, despite the apparently convergent styles. It also harmonically does a full circle of minor thirds – starting in C minor, moving in the ‘C’ strain to E flat minor, moving to F sharp minor (enharmonically re-interpreted G flat minor), to A minor, back to C minor.

Performance history

Performed by Matthew Davidson at Boutell Memorial Concert Hall, Illinois, USA in March 1998

Performed by Matthew Davidson at the Smith Recital Hall of University of Illinois, USA

Performed by Matthew Davidson

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