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Pad Thai and Sala

for piano

Year:  1993

Year:  1993


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Pad Thai and Sala (1993) is named after a favourite dish of mine at ‘The Magic Kitchen’, a Thai Restaurant on the outskirts of Springfield, Illinois. Pad Thai is a peanut vegetable dish and Sala is sweet red syrup well suited to dulling the effects of the spiciness of Thai Food. The style of the work is a ‘Tango-Rag’ – a hybrid form influenced by music of the south Americas developed in such pieces as Ferdinand ‘Jelly-Roll’ Morton’s The Crave, or Jess Picket’s The Dream, in which octaves and tango rhythms predominate. I attempted to meld this style with bitonality and chromatic melodies – elements of a different era. The Spanish element led me to dedicate the work to my wife, who is half Hispanic, as a Christmas present.

Dedication note

for Tatiana Calhamer

Performance history

Performed by Matthew Davidson at the Smith Recital Hall of University of Illinois, USA