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Dance of the Fallen

for violin, cello and piano

Year:  2007   ·  Duration:  6m 30s

Year:  2007
Duration:  6m 30s

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The title refers to the seemingly insurmountable challenge faced by the fallen, the struggle to gather sufficient strength to rise up and overcome that which strives to extinguish their spirit.

The piece opens with a statement in unison of the high spirited principal theme. A series of energetic gestural statements follow, interspersed with brief moments of calm. Momentum builds and wide melodic leaps highlight the instruments contrasting tonal colour. Suddenly strident pulsed accompaniment figures in the strings interrupt, the piano quickly joining in adding an insistent angular melody reminiscent of the opening theme. This dissipates and the slower middle section begins – an emotive pas de deux between the strings, the violin for the most part leading. At the end of the duet the solo violin line is abruptly interrupted by a return to the previous strident propulsive section. All three instruments now join forces and rush onwards to the finish.

Commissioned note

Commissioned by the New Zealand Chamber Soloists

Contents note

single movement divided into four distinct contrasting sections

Performance history

26 Sep 2007: Performed by Lara Hall, James Tennant and Katherine Austin at Gallagher Concert Chamber in Hamilton

03 Aug 2008: Prodigal Songs

24 Nov 2009: Radio NZ Concert: NZTrio
Featuring: Radio New Zealand Concert

27 Jul 2014: NZTrio | 2014 Loft Series - Concert 1

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