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for english horn and string quintet

Year:  2002   ·  Duration:  13m
Instrumentation:  cor anglais, 2 violins, viola, cello, double bass

Year:  2002
Duration:  13m
Instrumentation  cor anglais, 2 violins, vio...

Composer:   Daniel Stabler

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'faccee' is composed as a set of loosely related, programmatic movements which portray different moods through the day. 'faccee' is intended as a lighter work of chamber music with elements of mystery, humor, charm and satire.

'Dawn' begins the work slowly, with the darkness and solitude of morning blossoming full fruit into daylight, then relaxing into the day. Movement two, 'Boogie', quickens the pace and is akin to experiences while walking the streets of the city. The further one travels, the more activity one encounters until reaching the heart of the city, where a rousing canon surrounds you with people and congested traffic. Then, suddenly, you arrive at your destination and with one last exclamation are in the door.

'Daydream' is a brief visit into the realm of nostalgia and sentiment, with a pleasant, recurring melody in the english horn and violin. What better for a finale than an old-fashioned 'galop' ? This 'galop' is, rather, a musical pun on the Viennese version. The 'Galop' gives way to the 'Trio Satirico' which pokes fun at traditional trios with a duple/triple reconfiguration of 9/8; making for a gawky feel. Then on to the 'Finale' where themes from earlier in the day are revisited in a whirlwind finish.

Commissioned note

Commissioned by Sarah Heart for Ensemble Philharmonia

Contents note

  1. Dawn
  2. Boogie
  3. Daydream
  4. Galop, Trio and Finale

Performance history

Performed by Madeline Rackham (cor anglais), Sarah Hart and William Hanfling (violins), Wen-Chuan Lin (viola), You Lee (cello) and Daniel Stabler (double bass)

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