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for bass clarinet, trombone, and cello

Year:  2005   ·  Duration:  8m

Year:  2005
Duration:  8m

Composer:   Samuel Holloway

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Keith Clancy reviews 175 Ea...

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Samuel Holloway: Incus - AUDIO

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Incus is the third and final piece in series of three trios collectively entitled Middle Ear. The incus (or anvil) is a bone in the chain of three that transmit vibrations from the eardrum to the internal ear in the process of transformation of external sound waves to an emotional or cognitive response within the listener. The work (somewhat arbitrarily) incorporates elements from J.S. Bach's harmonization of the chorale Christus, de uns selig macht, and was influenced by the late novellas of Samuel Beckett.

Performance history

13 Oct 2006: Performed by 175 East - Tim Sutton (trombone), Andrew Uren (bass clarinet), Katherine Hebley (cello) - at All Saints Church, Ponsonby, Auckland

03 Jul 2011: music by nz composers, celebrating nz

18 Nov 2011: 175 East

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