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Recent Jazz Albums


Repertoire list


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This list contains recent Jazz CDs added to the SOUNZ collection. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have, or if you need any help navigating our online catalogue!



Jonathan Crayford: Dark Light
Dog (Rattle) 
Lex French: The Cut (Rattle)
The FSH Trio: Irony
The Rodger Fox Wellington Jazz Orchestra: The Capitol Sessions
Campbell, Rae, Dyne: Storm in a Teacup
John Rae and Lucien Johnson: The Troubles
Phil Broadhurst Quartet: Flaubert's Dance
Phil Broadhurst Quintet: Panacea (Rattle)
Drew Menzies: Mantis
Roger Manins: Trio
Hip Flask 2 (Rattle)
Reuben Bradley: Resonator
Reuben Bradley: Cthulhu Rising (Rattle)
The Jac: Nerve (Rattle)
The Jac: The Green Hour (Rattle)
Tom Dennison: Zoo
John Bell Trio: Spirals
Amy Rempel: Chatter
Colin Hemmingsen: The Rite of Swing
Sumo Jazz
Trans Tasman: A Journey into New Zealand Jazz
(Yellow Eye)
Ace Tone - Ron Samsom and the Neutrino Funk Experience (Rattle) 
Dialogos: Chris Mason-Battley Group, John Psathas (Rattle)

Bruce Brown:

Bruce Brown: Love Finds You
Bruce Brown: I Believe It

Charmaine Ford:

Charmaine Ford: Busy Silence
(Ford Motion)   
Charmaine Ford: Blues for Guppy
(Ford Motion) 
Charmaine Ford and Nick Tipping: After the Last Dance (Ford Motion)

Nick Granville Group:

Nick Granville Group: Refractions (Rattle) 
Nick Granville Group: wishful thinking (Ford Motion)

Nathan Haines:

Nathan Haines: 5 a day (Haven) 
Nathan Haines: the poet's embrace (Haven) 
Nathan Haines: Vermillion Skies (Haven)

Dave Lisik:

Dave Lisik Quintet: Bono in the Temple (Galloping Cow) 
Dave Lisik: Donated by Cantor Fitzgerald (Rattle) 
Dave Lisik Orchestra: Coming Through Slaughter (Galloping Cow) 
Dave Lisik: Fate and the Processor (Rattle) 
Dave Lisik Quintet: Hurricane Ophelia (Galloping Cow) 
Dave Lisik: Walkabout (Rattle) 
Dave Lisik: Rail 16 (Rattle)

Norman Meehan:

Norman Meehan: The Bells (Yellow Eye) 
Norman Meehan: Buddhist Rain (Rattle)
Meehan, Griffin, Chisholm: Small Holes in the Silence (Rattle)    

Mike Nock:

Mike Nock and Frank Gibson: Open Door (Manu)  
Mike Nock: Sketches (Ode)  
Mike Nock Trio Plus: Hear and Know (FWM)  
Mike Nock and Dave Liebman: Duologue (ABC)  
Mike Nock Trio: An Accumulation of Subtleties (FWM)



Chris Mason-Battley Group,
John Psathas





Nick Granville Group


5 a Day

Nathan Haines


An Accumulation of Subtleties
Mike Nock