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December 15, 2015 12:00AM

Body Music 2015 - Jack Body Cross-Cultural Music Conference


Jack Body (1944 – 2015) was one of New Zealand's most prominent composers, teachers and musicologists. On his first visit to China in 1987, Jack worked in the countryside with folk singers and players, and filmed a documentary named 'Big Nose and Body Music'. At that time he started forging links with Chinese folk musicians, composers and performers, preparing the ground for in-depth musical exchange between the two countries.

Jack made a great contribution to the contemporary music of New Zealand and China, using cross-cultural ideals and integrated global music materials in his compositions. He drew on influences from many parts of the world, including China, Indonesia, Italy, India, Greece, Japan, Korea, Africa, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Spain, Bosnia, South America and New Zealand. Mr Weng Chigeng, the President of the Musicians Association of Zhejiang, once said “Jack Body is the South Pacific ‘Bartok’, who lives in New Zealand”.

Jack was one of the most important cultural bridges between China and New Zealand since Rewi Alley. The American 'Other Minds Music Festival' noted that "Jack Body is one of the greatest composers of this century, who was hidden in Wellington." He has a unique and irreplaceable role in today's world of music.

In recognition of Jack's life and contribution to music, the Zhejiang Conservatory of Music and the Zhejiang Musicians Association, the New Zealand School of Music, SOUNZ - Centre for New Zealand Music, New Zealand String Quartet, NZTrio and the New Zealand Consulate General in Shanghai have combined to present this Conference. It will be held in Hangzhou at a new campus of the Zhejiang Conservatory of Music.

The Body Music 2015 - Jack Body Cross-Cultural Music Conference will focus on transcription in composition, cross-cultural composition and post-nationalism in composition.

Composers from New Zealand involved in this conference include Gillian Whitehead, Ross Carey, John Psathas, Leila Adu, and Michael Norris.

As part of this conference three special concerts will also be held, celebrating the work of Jack Body alongside that of other renowned composers from New Zealand and China:

NZTrio with Gao Ping | Body Music New Zealand String Quartet | Body Music Body Music | Composition from New Zealand and China

Start time

December 15, 2015 12:00AM


Zhejiang Conservatory of Music


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