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March 20, 2021 8:00PM • ASB Waterfront Theatre, Auckland

Auckland Arts Festival | Stasbourg 1518


A story of revolution through dance, this electrifying production explores one of history’s most fascinating mass movements — the dancing plague of 1518.

Living in poverty and under the rule of the patriarchy, the people of Strasbourg revolted one summer against oppression by taking to the streets. No ordinary protest, their uprising was a fever of dance on a scale never seen before – nor again – that lasted for months.

Depicted as collective madness in painting and folklore, this pulsating dance-theatre work interprets events from the inside out, revisioning them not as an illness but catharsis.

Written and composed by Lucien Johnson and featuring the music of legendary Michael Parmenter and a cast of stunning New Zealand dancers, Strasbourg 1518 combines exhilarating original music and choreography into a frenzied tale of anarchy, physicality and the power of art as resistance.

Additional performances:

Friday, 19th March at 8.00pm

Start time

March 20, 2021 8:00PM


ASB Waterfront Theatre, Auckland