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December 16, 2018 3:00PM • Whitianga Town Hall, Whitianga

Hausmusik NZ: Lost and Found


This programme is inspired by a musical historian’s comment about a now almost-forgotten Baroque composer: "Although [his works] have long been forgotten anyone who desires to take the trouble to excavate them will find enough grains of gold dust there to make an ingot." This quote brings to mind the many Baroque composers whose works were excellent and wildly popular with audiences during their lifetimes, but who are now unjustifiably almost ignored, being overshadowed in recent times by the likes of Bach, Handel, Vivaldi etc. In this concert we present a selection of such lost but excellent works, most of which we have found in our own searches of European music libraries and obscure publishers’ listings.

The concert includes: Platti’s Triosonata in G Major for oboe, cello & continuo, selections from Lanzetti’s Sonata in G Major for cello and continuo, Hasse’s Sonata in F major for oboe and continuo, selections from Bernier’s Coffee Cantata, Zipoli’s Elevatione for oboe, cello & harpsichord, a piece for viola da gamba especially composed for Polly Sussex by local Whitianga composer Yvette Audain, and Steffani’s love cantata Hai Finito di Lusingarmi.

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December 16, 2018 3:00PM


Whitianga Town Hall, Whitianga