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May 6, 2011 11:10AM • Adam Concert Room

Music for Recorder and Soprano


This concert began as a personal project - two artists keen to explore new repertoire together and push some boundaries. They have discovered a surprising range of music for their unusual duo. Over half the pieces in the programme are by NZ composers: Lyell Cresswell, Helen Fisher, Alison Isadora and Ian McDonald. Of the other works, one is by Karel van Steenhoven, one by Drake Mabry, and one by Nicola LeFanu. Both LeFanu and Cresswell dedicated their pieces to the NZ soprano, Tracey Chadwell.

Kamala Bain (recorders) and Rowena Simpson (soprano) both studied performance in The Netherlands and performed contemporary music there. In NZ they have worked together as part of the baroque ensemble "Musica Lyrica". This concert has become an opportunity to explore their skills and points of contact between their instruments. Like all chamber music, it has been the personal connections that make this project unique.

Lyell Cresswell - Prayer to appease the spirit of the land
Helen Fisher - I name this place
Alison Isadora - Scene 14 from the chamber opera Zingmond
Drake Mabry - 12.5.83
Nicola LeFanu A Travelling Spirit
Karel van Steenhoven - Nachtzang
Ian McDonald - Two Fools Go A Walking

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May 6, 2011 11:10AM


Adam Concert Room


Free entry