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Ray Twomey


Born: 1938 Died: 2019


Ray Twomey was a contemporary classical music composer. Born in England in 1938, he moved to New Zealand after the war and completed his schooling. Ray immigrated to Canada in 1965. He was affiliated with SOCAN, an Associate Member of the Canadian Music Centre, and a member of the Canadian League of Composers. Ray composed close to a hundred musical compositions. His portfolio included works for symphony and chamber orchestras, concert band, opera, vocal and chamber groups, solo instruments and various choral combinations.

His music, always carefully crafted, speaks in an idiom that is both approachable and deeply personal. His musical language centered around a unique harmonic essence underlying a wonderful melodic inventiveness. Ray’s music, with its tight formal structure, alludes to our rich western heritage combined with the expressive freedom of the 20th century. His sonic palette is widely ranging in timbral variety while conservative in melodic content.

In addition to his activities as a composer, Ray was involved in the investment field and was a Fellow of the Canadian Securities Institute. His other interests included scuba diving, sailing and even a little sky-diving, flying with the Calgary Flying Club, hiking, fly fishing and traveling. Ray visited over one hundred countries. He was formerly a broadcaster with the New Zealand Broadcasting Corporation and a High School teacher in New Zealand, England and Canada.

Ray Twomey passed away in July 2019.

Composed (47)

5 Pansonics, Op. 28

for carillon, 10m

A Time Before, Op. 23

for symphony orchestra, 7m

Ascension, Op. 14-P

for piano, 4m

Ascension, Op. 14-V2

for two voices, piano and cello, 4m 15s

Ascension, Op. 18-V1

for voice and piano, 4m

Ascension, Op. 18-V2

arrangement for high voice duo and piano, 4m

Cinc! Op. 5

for marimba (or mandolin) and harp (or piano), 4m

Como? Op. 15

for concert band, 1m

Concertino, Op. 10a

for violin and string orchestra, 18m

Dialogues, Op. 27

for flute, oboe, clarinet and piano, 14m

Diversion, Op. 1

for oboe and string orchestra, 5m

Diversion, Op. 1

for clarinet or oboe and piano, 5m

Diversion, Op. 1a

for clarinet and string orchestra, 5m

Diversion, Op. 1a

for clarinet and piano, 3m

Ehagay Nakoda, Op. 21

for piano trio, 4m

England Again

for wind quartet, 2m

Far Calling, Op. 22

for SSA choir and orchestra, 9m

General Glen, Op. 26

for concert band, 3m

Gloria in Excelsis Deo

for SATB choir and organ, 4m

Guitar Suite, Op. 19

for guitar, 15m

Harp - The Herald Angels Play!, Op. 31

for harp and orchestra, 15m

High Valley, Op. 20

for symphony orchestra with SATB choir, 29m

Love Songs on words by John Donne

for soprano and string orchestra, 8m

Love Songs on words by John Donne, Op. 6b

for soprano and piano, 10m

Marlborough Overture, Op. 7

for orchestra, 8m

Missa Novi Saeculi, Op. 12

a mass for a New Millennium, 17m

Music for Harpsichord, Op. 16b

for harpsichord, 9m

Music for Organ, Op. 16a

for organ, 9m

Oh Danny Boy

arranged for harp, 3m

Pater Noster, Op. 2

for SATB choir, 2m

Peace, Op. 13

for SATB choir and organ, 3m

Promenade, Op. 8

for piano, 5m

Psalm 47, Op. 9a

for SATB choir with woodwinds, brass and percussion, 8m

Psalm 47, Op. 9b

for SATB choir with woodwinds, brass and percussion, 8m

Psalm 47, Op. 9c

for SATB choir and organ, 8m

Reflections, Op. 24

for concert band, 7m

Sinfonia, Op. 11a

for string orchestra, 20m

Sonatina for violin and piano, Op. 10b

for violin and piano, 18m

Soundscapes, Op. 25

for two flutes, violin, viola, cello and piano, 11m

String Quartet, Op. 11b

for string quartet, 18m

The Great Harbour of Tara, Op. 17

for symphony orchestra, 14m

The Spirit of the Land, Op. 18

for symphony orchestra, 15m

The Three Shepherds, Op. 4

a made-for-TV Christmas opera, 25m

Timescapes, Op. 29

for string orchestra, 11m

Towards Evening

for carillon

Towards Evening

for two vibraphones, 3m