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application/pdf,1486k Score (1486k) pages 1 - 2© Glen Downie

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Programme Note

After the completion of the piece, I noticed similarities between the behaviour of stars and the genesis of the piece, namely the way stars tend to cluster towards each other. Sometimes, as in the case of Omega Centauri, it was thought that, because of distance and concentration, clusters were actually a single star. In particular they were often labelled a Cepheid Variable, a star that varies between a larger, brighter state and a smaller, denser one. I found that I used similar ideas, although more abstracted, in my use of the density/clustering of pitches to achieve varying iridescence.

Performance History

World Premiere for P: Cepheid; Berkahn 200714 20 Jul 2014 Performed by Jonathan Berkhan at the Adam Concert Room, at the New Zealand School of Music, in Wellington.
26 Sep 2014 Performed by Richard Apperley (organ) at the Wellington Cathedral of St Paul, Wellington, New Zealand.
Richard Apperley


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