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10' 00"


application/pdf,48k Score (48k) page 1© Jason Post


Programme Note

The title Ether has a paradoxical relationship to the sound world of the work. While the organ sound is constantly surrounded by a thick drone texture, the gestural power of the work in is the recording and referencing of the live organ sound across the spatial arrangement of the live electronics. As these gestures are explored, the texture surrounding the organ struggles to incorporate them, caricaturing the live instrumental sound. This piece was written specifically for the organ in the Adam Concert Room at the New Zealand School of Music. This organ can produce interesting timbres by manipulating the stops (at least at the time of writing this piece).


Performance History

World Premiere for P: Ether; A Norris, Post 200714 20 Jul 2014 Performed by Asher Norris (organ) and Jason Post (electronics) at the Adam Concert Room, at the New Zealand School of Music, Wellington.


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