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oboe, clarinet in Bb, horn in F, violin, soprano, guitar and piano
a work in four movements


application/pdf,214k Score (214k) first two pages of each movement© Kenneth Young

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Programme Note

The work began as a series of four miniatures; however, as is often the case, matters have progressed somewhat beyond mere frippery.

All the movements seem to me to have a questioning quality to them which seemed to coincide with some philosophical angst of my own, the details of which are irrelevant. This is in no way programme music and I would merely like for the listener to perhaps reflect on questions in their own lives, whatever they may be.

I have utilised wordless soprano alongside some Latin verse. In particular the very opening of the Mass for the Dead and the first half of the In Paradisum from the same Mass which is sung in the original Gregorian Chant. My home town of Christchurch has suffered terribly during the past 12 months and I wanted somehow to reflect this in some small way.

for Southern Cross Soloists

Performance History

World Premiere for P: Four Questions, No Answers; Southern Cross Soloists 111011 11 Oct 2011 Performed by the Southern Cross Soloists at the 2011 Showcase Series, Concert Three, at the Queensland Performing Arts Centre Concert Hall, in Australia.



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