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04' 00"

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Performed by Ashley Brown (cello) for Resound Phase 2, 2012

Performed by Cameron Stuart (cello) on 18 May 2008

Programme Note

Uppermost in my mind as I wrote this short piece was the thought of a mother witnessing the suffering of a son, knowing she was powerless to change what was happening, and unable to protect her child. How would she overcome these feelings in order to provide comfort in a last brief meeting?

Commissioned by the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand for the Stations of the Cross Exhibition, Gus Fisher Gallery, University of Auckland

Performance History

World Premiere for P: The Fourth Station; Stuart 230308 23 Mar 2008 Performed by Cameron Stuart (cello) as part of Stations of the Cross at the Gus Fisher Gallery, Auckland
18 May 2008 Performed by Cameron Stuart in a Karlheinz Company concert
Karlheinz Company
22 Sep 2013 Performed by Tom Pierard as part of The Committee’s ‘Equinox’ concert, University of Auckland Clock Tower Foyer, Auckland.


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