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application/pdf,570k Score (570k) Pages 1-4 and 10-12© Dugal McKinnon

Programme Note

Untitled (Counterfeit Readymade #1) is derived from baritone sax improvisations by Wellington-based Jeff Henderson. His improvising was recorded and edited into a 6-minute audio document, which was then transcribed. The transcription is a readymade of sorts, as it is taken from an extant object, and a counterfeit in that it points to a performance that never happened. Though not a risk in this instance – given that the piece is a forgery – a transcription should not efface its object but rather serve as a description through which to approach the original. Put another way, the performance of ‘Untitled (Counterfeit Readymade #1)’ can be located in relation to the original performance, the derived audio document and the transcription, while being none of these. The marimba part provides commentary on this mercurial object, drawing out and setting in relief its harmonic, melodic and rhythmic features, but rarely doubling it literally.

Commissioned by Stroma

Performance History

World Premiere for P: Untitled (Counterfeit Readymade #1); Marinissen, Mlekusch 170705 17 Jul 2005 Performed by Arnold Marinissen (percussion), Lars Mlekusch (saxophone) at St Andrew’s on The Terrace in Wellington
Arnold Marinissen    Lars Mlekusch
28 Sep 2008 Performed by Richard Haynes (bass clarinet) and Arnold Marinissen (percussion) at the Hunter Council Chamber


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