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03' 00"
3332; 4231; timp, 3 perc, hp, clst, strings plus didjeridoo in E flat
Didgeridoo can be performed by composer

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Programme Note

Splinters of light explode from a central point of combustion, sparks shoot out and follow spontaneous trajectories – each fragment transforming its momentum, propulsion, fragility.
blast is structurally based on a short video of an explosion while the musical parameters are defined by the results of a spectral analysis of the aftersound of a large gong. The piece is in essence a magnification of one sound event, with one attack, decay, sustain and release. Following the initial attack, various elements of the decay surface, hold our attention and then submerge into the texture again. blast examines the detail of an explosive event, containing its complexities within a single envelope out of which many microscopic pieces take flight, dissolving into an edgeless ending, a release into silence.

Note by Lissa Meridan

Commissioned by the Auckland Philharmonia as part of the NZ composer "snapshot" series of compositions.

Performance History

World Premiere for P: blast!; APO 130303 13 Mar 2003 Performed by Auckland Philharmonia cond. Miguel Harth-Bedoya; Auckland Town Hall
Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra


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