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14' 00"

The seven pieces are:
1: Recitativo
2: Con anima - in memory of Owen Jensen
3: Scorrevole
4: Leggero
5: Burla - for Douglas Lilburn's 80th birthday
6: Lacrimae - for Vedran Smailovic
7: Con fuoco

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Programme Note

‘Whiria’ is Māori for violin, or fiddle. These seven pieces were written over a period of three or four years for more or less personal reasons. The intention, however, was always to put them together to form one substantial work. There are, therefore, a number of cross-references and some ideas are developed from piece to piece. Although there are seven pieces, the overall shape is in five parts: numbers 3,4 and 5 form a lighter middle section to the whole work.


Performance History

09 Jan 2007 Performed by Kees Hilhorst, violin
13 Jan 2007 Performed by Kees Hilhorst, violin
13 Nov 2015 Performed by Martin Riseley (violin) at the Remembering Lilburn concert, Adam Concert Room, Te Kōkī New Zealand School of Music, Wellington
No.5: Burla – for Douglas Lilburn’s 80th birthday only


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