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Repertoire Ideas for Solo Instrument and Electronics

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This list contains a selection of works available for solo instrument and electronics (fixed and live).

Please feel free to contact us with any enquiries or if you need assistance navigating our catalogue.


Alex Hay: White Rain for amplified flute and fixed electronics
Michael Williams: When We Fall for flute with digital effects and backing track
Michael Williams: Kala Danda for amplified alto flute with backing track
Chris Cree Brown: The Watertable for flute (alto and bass) and tape
Chris Cree Brown: Sound Cylinders for flute and tape
Kit Powell: Floetenspieler und fledermaeuse for flute and tape
Kit Powell: Chance Piece for Flute and Tape
John Rimmer: Composition 4 for flute and electronic sounds
Michael Norris: Chrysalis for flute and tape  

John Rimmer: Crow for oboe and electronic sounds
Kit Powell: Chance Piece for Oboe and Tape

John Rimmer: Projections at Dawn for clarinet and electronic sounds
Chris Cree Brown: Inner Bellow for clarinet and tape
John Elmsly: Echoes and Chorus for clarinet and tape 
Denis Smalley: Clarinet Threads for amplified clarinet and tape

Neville Hall: Reflexive for alto saxophone and electronic sounds
Kit Powell: Chance Piece for Saxophone and Tape (baritone or bass pref.) 



John Rimmer: Composition 8 for violin and tape

John Elmsly: Drift for viola and tape

Brigid Ursula Bisley: Waiata for cello and tape
John Rimmer: Marathon for cello and tape delay
John Croft: La terra lagrimosa…una luce vermiglia for cello and electronics

John Rimmer: Composition 10 for double bass and electronic sounds
Juliet Palmer: A Bridge of Ice for double bass and tape



John Elmsly: Triptych for trumpet and tape
John Rimmer: Seaswell for trumpet and electronic sounds
Ross Harris: Echo for trumpet and tape delay system

John Rimmer: Tides for horn and electronic sounds
John Rimme:r Composition 1 for horn and electronic sounds
Ross Harris: Horn Call on Makara Cliff for horn and tape

Kit Powell: Whale for trombone and tape
John Rimmer: Soundweb for trombone and electronic sounds with live delays

Jason Post: yatsar for euphonium and live electronics
Chris Cree Brown: Sound Barrel for euphonium and fixed media electronics
Jason Long: Cimmerian Cerulean Orb for tuba and live electronics


John Psathas: One Study, One Summary for marimba, junk percussion and tape
John Psathas: Planet Damnation for timpani and digital audio
Michael Norris: in flexion for musical saw and tape
John Rimmer: Composition 5 for percussion and electronic sounds



David Downes: Expulse for piano and tape
John Psathas: Songs for Simon for piano and tape

Jason Post: ether for organ and electronics



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