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The BIG SING repertoire ideas


Repertoire list


To borrow or hire parts please email SOUNZ directly at Please note that only library members in New Zealand and Australia can borrow or hire parts.


^ All of the following works are available to hire or buy through SOUNZ, and all have score samples to view online. Those with ^ have an audio sample or full-length audio/video content available online. Click on the titles for more information.

Mixed choir:

Archer, Chris: Aroha   
Artley, Chris: Ave Maria  
Artley, Chris: The Ashwell Carol

Artley, Chris: I Will Lift Up Mine Eyes (Psalm 121)^
Artley, Chris: Night Prayer
Artley, Chris: Song^    
Artley, Chris: The Mock Turtle's Song  
Baldwin, Andrew: O Magnum Mysterium^
Baldwin, Andrew: O vos omnes^
Becker, Pepe: O ignis spiritus
Body, Jack: People look East
Cooper, Diane: arr. Hine e Hine
Eastwood, Simon: Confiteor Tibi
Ellis, Robbie: Bacon Madrigal     
Farquhar, David: Three of a Kind
Hamilton, David: A Traveller's Prayer: Ka u ki Matanuku   
Hamilton, David: Blessing
Hamilton, David: Festival Gloria
Hamilton: In Flander's Fields
Harris, Ross: Ave Maris Stella^       
Lange, Stephen: Gloria Deo!
Madden, Richard: He is Risen^
McLeod, Jenny: Deep in the forest
Mews, Douglas: Two New Zealand Folksongs of the Sea^
Oswin, Richard: Sweet Sleep and Altered Days^
Oswin, Richard: Three Gallipoli Settings
Oswin, Richard: Three New Zealand Folk Song Settings - 2009
Palmer, Juliet: The Moon
Parsons, Graham: By the Rivers of Babylon   
Parsons, Graham: Instructions For How to Get Ahead of Yourself While the Light Still Shines

Parsons, Graham: Laudate Dominum (Psalm 150)  
Puanaki, Richard: Ka Waiata Ki A Maria (Maori text)^  
Rimmer, John: Dies Sanctificatus
Ritchie, Anthony: Song of Hope^
Ritchie, John: Lord, when the Sense of Thy Sweet Grace
Russell, Rosemary: Lookin’
Shortis, Carol: An Tuiream Bais^      
Smythe, Mark: Umbra Animae^   
Stevenson, Roger: arr. E te ariki
(Maori text)^    
Wade, James: The Fly
Whitehead, Gillian: Lullaby of Loss     
Youens, Ryan: Heedless Conclusions   
Young, Anthony: Be Still     

Girls choir:

Adams, Chris: Sanctus^
Artley, Chris: Join Our Team
Artley, Chris: Little Blue Pigeon^     
Becker, Pepe: Taurus One - Night and Morning
Buchanan, Dorothy: The Canticle of St Francis
Burdon, Josie: Aotearoa (Maori text)^
Camm, Cheryl: Hinemoa  (Maori text)
Camm, Cheryl: Motu Puketutu
Crehan, Jonathan: Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire
Evans, Tecwyn: Hymn to the Virgin
Evans, Tecwyn: The Lamb
Fisher, Helen: Rain Games
Fisher, Helen: Te Whakaaro Pai Ki Nga Tangata
(Maori text)^
Hamilton, David: Count Me the Stars
Hamilton, David: Full Moon Rhyme
Hamilton, David: We Shall Walk Through the Valley
Holmes, Leonie: The Estuary
Holmes, Leonie: The Wanderer
Ker, Dorothy: Close-up of a Daisy^
Lange, Stephen: Ave Maria
McCallum, Sarah: Poem from War

McLeod, Jenny: A baby lying 
Moreno, Natalie: Songs for Breakfast
Oswin, Richard: Sanctus
Palmer, Juliet: Dopey

Ritchie, John: Canary Wine^
Russell, Rosemary: Magnificat 
Utting, Craig: Chestnuts on a Mantlepiece
Utting, Craig: Monument
van den Broek, Alex: Wild Daisies^
Youens, Ryan: Wild Daisies^

Boys choir: 

Artley, Chris: May God Bless You^      
Baker, Bruce: Prayer for Wholeness
Camm, Cheryl: A Red, Red Rose
Camm, Cheryl: Calon Lan
Camm, Cheryl: In the Bleak Midwinter
Camm, Cheryl: Maggie’s Rant
Camm, Cheryl: Magical Glass
Crehan, Jonathan: Storm (in a little bay)
Crehan, Jonathan: West Indian Lord’s Prayer
Dellow, Ronald: Three Songs 
Evans, Tecwyn: Lux Aeterna 
Hamilton: A Charm or Rain: He Tua I Te Rangi   
Hamilton: Ave Maris Stella
Hamilton: Night Watch Song
Hamilton: Song of a Drifter
Katene, Te Puoho: Calling Me Home

Katene, Te Puoho: Te Aroha  (Maori text)
Parsons, Graham: Changing the Clocks
Parsons, Graham: By the Rivers of Babylon
Parsons, Graham: The Driving Lesson
Ritchie, John: Full Fathom Five
Ritchie, John: Here's to the maiden
Ritchie, John: Kelvin Grove 
Taylor, Alex: Two Years Later