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Solo Vocal Repertoire List


Repertoire list


To borrow or hire parts please email SOUNZ directly at Please note that only library members in New Zealand and Australia can borrow or hire parts.



These lists contain a selection of NZ works for brass players available from SOUNZ.  There are still many more works on our full catalogue, including works for mixed chamber groups.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have, or if you need any help navigating our online catalogue!

Unspecified Voice with or without Keyboard

Ross Harris: Three Sandcastle Songs     
Jack Body: Songs my Grandmother Sang     
Dorothy Freed: Turn Your Face to Mine     
John Ritchie: Zhivago's Mary Magdalene Songs    
David Farquhar: Eight Black Songs     
Dorothy Freed: The Sun Has Spread its Shining Wings    

Browse complete catalogue for unspecified voice here >>

Mezzo/Soprano with or without Keyboard   

Jenny McLeod: Through the World     
Anthony Ritchie: Two Pantoums    
Ross Harris: Wild Daisies 
Lyell Cresswell: Das Lied von dem Fisch  
Helen Bowater: A Wild Sea for the Crossing     
Eve De Castro-Robinson: Chaos of Delight II    
Jenny McLeod: From Garden to Grave    
Dorothy Franchi: Four Pioneer Portraits   
Ray Twomey: Love Songs on words by John Donne (Opus 6b)  
Anthony Ritchie: Milking Before Dawn   
Anthony Ritchie: My Father Today  
Gillian Whitehead: Requiem  
David Farquhar: Three Cilla McQueen Songs   
David Farquhar: Three Medieval Carols   
David Farquhar: Three Scott Ballads   

Browse complete catalogue for Mezzo/Soprano here >>

Alto with or without Keyboard   

Dorothy Freed: The Sea Child    
David Farquhar: Four Janet Frame Songs    
David Farquhar: Lullaby    
David Farquhar: Smile My Weeping    
David Farquhar: Take Thou This Rose   
David Farquhar: The Librarian's Wife   
Nigel Williams: Out of the Deep   

Browse complete catalogue for Alto here >>

Tenor with or without Keyboard

Jenny McLeod: Peaks of Clouds: A Song Cycle   
Douglas Lilburn: Sings Harry

Browse complete catalogue for Tenor here >>

Baritone with or without Keyboard

Douglas Lilburn: Sings Harry  
Te Ahukaramū Charles Royal: Baxter Songs    
Jenny McLeod: Epithalamia   
David Farquhar: Five songs of e e cummings  
David Farquhar: In Despite of Death    
Anthony Ritchie: Lament for Barney Flanagan  
Anthony Ritchie: Tangi   
Anthony Ritchie: The Bay

Browse complete catalogue for Baritone here >>

Voice and other Instrument 

Pepe Becker: Scorpio Two   
Douglas Lilburn: Three songs for baritone and viola    
David Farquhar: Writing on the Sand    
Jonathan Besser: Duo for Soprano and cello   
Dorothy Buchanan: Mary Magdalene and the Birds  

Voice and Instrumental Ensemble

Jenny McLeod: He Whakaahua o Maru (A Portrait of Maru)    
Anthony Ritchie: Words are my Notes   
Ross Harris: Dream, Yellow Lions   
William Direen: Evidence    
William Direen: High are the Mighty   
William Direen: That Night Many Thanks  
John Rimmer: Pukeko   
Helen Fisher: The Wheel Turns   
Ross Harris: Three Rilke Songs   
Gillian Whitehead: "Aria" from Outrageous Fortune  
Gillian Whitehead: Hinetekakara  
Helen Bowater: beneath the crumpled stars     

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