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  • Concerti | Michael Houstoun and the Rodger Fox Big Band


It may seem an incongruous pairing on the face of it, but Michael Houstoun and Rodger Fox have something vital in common – a passion for music, and it shows.

Their first recording together, Concerti is comprised of four substantial arrangements for jazz orchestra and concert piano, straddling two worlds in celebration of a common musical language. The music is dynamic, passionate, and extraordinarily rich in terms of its compositional and performance qualities. Simply put, this band kicks! And riding the wave like a seasoned jazz veteran is the fearless Michael Houstoun, matching the ensemble note for note. If Michael’s contribution stopped at the remarkable arrangement of the first movement of Prokofiev’s Piano Concerto No. 3, that would have been satisfying enough, but he goes head to head with Rodger and his full throttle ensemble for the full 12 rounds.

- Rattle Records

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Raff Riff (big band version) Mike Nock
arranged for big band from the original piano work
Publisher Note:Rattle Records
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