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Campbell Ross  

Three Dances of South America

Duration: 12' 00" Year: 2011, r. 2012
a suite for solo guitar

Campbell Ross  


 Year: 2014
for solo guitar

Campbell Ross  


for solo guitar

Campbell Ross  

Tango y Rumba

Duration: 08' 30"
for guitar quartet

Campbell Ross  

Seven Irish Songs for Two Guitars

Duration: 11' 00" Year: 2009
A suite of seven short pieces for two guitars.

John Coulter  


Duration: 45' 00" Year: 1997
for 16 performing artists

  • Programme Note

    A sound and movement performance piece. An original work of experimental theatre.

Michael Calvert  

Fantasia in August

Duration: 09' 00" Year: 2011
for solo guitar

  • Programme Note

    Fantasia in August was composed in the first 2 weeks of August 2011, hence the title. It is part of an ongoing effort to find a viable, non-tonal, post-serial musical language. The piece is composed in shortish sections that run into each other without breaks. There are a few oblique salutes to composers or pieces I admire, the most obvious being to Benjamin Britten’s Nocturnal. The piece is also something of a lament for a near and dear relative who passed away when I was beginning to think about it.

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Mike Nock  


Duration: 09' 30" Year: 2011
for solo guitar

  • Programme Note

    CYTOKINESIS – an organic process consisting of the division of the cytoplasm of a cell. The cytoplasm here referred to is the first chord, which quickly morphs through several divisions and variations, taking us on a short journey with some unexpected pit stops along the way. In keeping with the playful nature of the piece there are references to flamenco, jazz and various dance rhythms, but I’ve kept a watchful ear to ensure the music doesn’t stray too far from its basic roots.

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