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Gillian Whitehead  


Duration: 11' 00" Year: 1980
for brass nonet

Anthony Ritchie  

Brass Quintet

Duration: 12' 00" Year: 1992

Andrew Perkins  

Brass Quintet 'Lux et Origo'

Duration: 11' 00" Year: 1988

Lyell Cresswell  


Duration: 14' 00" Year: 1992
for trombone and organ

Anthony Ritchie  

Clouds, op.114

Duration: 10' 00" Year: 2005
for solo trombone and brass band

  • Instrumentation
    soprano cornet, solo cornets, cornets 1,2, repiano, flugel horn, solo horn, horns 1,2, baritones 1,2, trombones 1,2, bass trombone, euphoniums, E flat bass, B flat bass, timpani, 2-3 percussion, solo trombone
  • Programme Note

    The starting point for this piece was some dramatic cloud formations I experienced while in Morrinsville, near Hamilton. It was a brilliant sunny day, with occasional huge and interestingly shaped clouds floating past. They provided inspiration for the opening texture for my piece Clouds, which is flowing and slowly unfolding in character.

    Clouds can assume many different shapes and characters and this is reflected in my piece. There are stormy ideas with strong rhythms, jagged ideas built from small motifs, mysterious ideas that suggest darker clouds, bright climaxes that suggest the sun bursting through.

    The solo trombone is like a small aeroplane, weaving its way through the clouds and enjoying a rather turbulent journey. Its part is soloistic but integrated into the band texture and often underpinned by the percussion, who have an important role in sustaining the momentum of the piece. Near the end the soloist has a brief cadenza before the music rises to a rumbling climax. This passage finally disintegrates, as the clouds disperse.

    Anthony Ritchie

  • Availability

Maria Grenfell  

Dancing at the Camerata

Duration: 10' 08" Year: 2003
for brass quintet

  • Instrumentation
    for 2 trumpet, horn, trombone, and tuba
  • Programme Note

    The Florentine Camerata was a group of musicians and literati of the late sixteenth century that gathered to discuss the changing musical practices of the day, and saw the development of Baroque monodic vocal style and the first opera, Euridice. The Camerata would engage in fierce debates about dissonance and counterpoint, and helped usher in a new era that strived to capture the emotion of the tdxt in the music. During this period, music that included brass instruments was widely performed. Impressions of the Florentine Camerata, brass music, and Baroque ornamentation and dissonance were the inspiration for this piece: a madrigal, a recitative, and a quirky tango.

    Maria Grenfell

  • Availability

Ross Harris  


Duration: 10' 00" Year: 1979
for trumpet and tape delay system

John Rimmer  


Duration: 10' 00" Year: 1977
for solo horn, ring modulator and tape delay

Pieta Hextall  

Five Short Pieces for Brass Quintet

Duration: 10' 29" Year: 2007
for brass quintet

John Rimmer  


Duration: 10' 00" Year: 1990
for brass band