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Carol Shortis  

Adam Lay Ibounden

 Year: 2008
for vocal octet unaccompanied

David Farquhar  

Bagpipe Music

Duration: 05' 00" Year: 1994
for vocal sextet (SSATBB)

Pepe Becker  


Duration: 04' 00" Year: 2000
for soprano, alto, tenor and thumbpiano

Kit Powell  

Father's Telescope

Duration: 15' 00" Year: 1989
a playful music theatre piece for singer, speaker and tape about power and submission

Pepe Becker  

Hoquetus Sanctus

Duration: 04' 20" Year: 2008
for vocal octet

  • Instrumentation
    SSAATTBB with clapping and/or hand percussion (stones or wooden clap-sticks)
  • Programme Note

    This work was written as a commission for Baroque Voices, with funding from Creative NZ, to be premiered at the Baroque Voices “Alleluia: a newe work!” concert in May 2008. The concept of the performance is to juxtapose Contemporary New Zealand works with Medieval European ones – and in this case, Hoquetus Sanctus pairs well with Hoquetus David (written by Guillaume de Machaut in the 14th Century), as it explores the idea of hocket, where vocal lines are ‘shared’ between different voices, sometimes jumping from one to another and overlapping each other – however, it can equally well be performed in any choral concert.

    Hoquetus Sanctus is a setting of the Latin Sanctus text for a capella chamber choir or small vocal ensemble.

  • Availability

Jack Body  


 Year: 2008
for vocal octet and gongs

Carol Shortis  


Duration: 09' 00" Year: 2007
for a cappella SSAATTBB vocal ensemble

  • Programme Note

    The poem Tangi was written by Megan Simmonds, a New Zealand poet who lives in the Bay of Plenty. I wanted to explore the use of vocal overtones in this piece; they have often been connected with the spiritual or other-worldly in the various cultures where the technique is practiced.

    A tangi (or tangihanga) is a Māori funeral ceremony. The opening material, and position of the singers, is influenced by the Māori powhiri, where visitors are received onto the marae in a customary series of calls and songs by the tangata whenua, each reciprocated in turn by the visitors.

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Carol Shortis  

The Seed (Pillars of the Temple)

 Year: 2008, r. 2010
for SSAATTB with percussion

Pepe Becker  

Virgo One

Duration: 04' 00" Year: 2000
For vocal quartet (SATB)

Pepe Becker  

When Will We Know

Duration: 03' 00" Year: 1986
For soprano solo, two sopranos and two altos