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Michael Williams  

Piercing the Vault

Duration: 12' 00" Year: 2005
for orchestra and solo oboe

Anthony Young  

13 - Theme and Variations

 Year: 2012
for organ and orchestra

David Hamilton  


 Year: 2012
for organ and orchestra

David Hamilton: Chimera; video

Filmed and edited by Chris Watson for the Resound Project (funded by NZ On...

Michael Norris  

Heavy Traffic

Duration: 12' 00" Year: 2006
for contrabassoon and orchestra

Ross Harris  

Symphony No. 5

 Year: 2013
for alto and orchestra

Ross Harris: Symphony No. 5; video

Sound engineered and produced for broadcast by Radio New Zealand Concert. Filmed and edited by Chris Watson.

Karlo Margetic  

Xylophone Concerto

Duration: 19' 00" Year: 2007, r. 2009
for xylophone and orchestra

Chris Cree Brown  

Forgotten Memories

Duration: 10' 00" Year: 2004
for viola and orchestra

Maria Grenfell  

Maui tikitiki a Taranga

Duration: 20' 00" Year: 1998
concerto for flute and orchestra

Dorothy Buchanan  

Sinfonietta (in five movements)

Duration: 25' 00" Year: 1989
for ocarina and orchestra

Jack Body  

Poems of Solitary Delights

Duration: 13' 00" Year: 1985
for orchestra and tenor (narrator)

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