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Jonathon Harper

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Born: 1950


Jonathon Harper is probably NZ's busiest concert guitarist giving over 100 concerts each year, mostly in schools. Based in Ngaio, Wellington his special area is classical and Latin guitar. He also sings and plays South American mandolin (charango) and various folk flutes. Toured North Island as Wellington Guitar Duo (classical music ) with Edrick Banks. From 1984 to 1986, Jonathon presented a programme which included 3 pieces from Seventeen Pieces for Guitar by Douglas Lilburn for his tour around New Zealand. Currently performs with NZSO violinist Robin Perks.

Voice of New Zealand 2006
Guitar Stories 2001
Amigos 1997

Pictures (Kiwi Pacific) 1985
Dúo Guitarra de la Campina (with David Smith) 1994

Sheet music published
Impressions of Rome - solo classical guitar sonata (handwritten score)
Lo Bueno – duet for guitar and flute as performed by Flutarra in New Plymouth.
The Nelson Collection - twelve studies for beginner classical guitarists
Duo Latino - classical Latin guitar duet

Compositions include the guitar sonata Impressions Of Rome and the Dorian Images duo guitar suite (both from the Guitar Stories CD and featured on concert FM). The solo sonata The Longing was featured at length on ABC radio in Sydney. Two of the four Cantos in South American folk style for guitar and charango (South American mandolin) were presented as exam pieces at Victoria University.