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Kiwi Pacific – the music, voices and sounds of New Zealand and the Pacific

Founded in 1957 by publisher A.H. & A.W. Reed, Kiwi Pacific Records International Ltd has more than 450 releases in its catalogue of music with major specialties in Maori, Pacific, folk and music by New Zealand composers.

Tony Vercoe, who took over the company in 1959, lead the way in the recording of many outstanding New Zealand artists and composers – from Peter Cape and Inia Te Waiata to Douglas Lilburn and the New Zealand birdsong heard on Radio NZ National.

Kiwi Pacific has had a seminal role in raising awareness of music by New Zealand composers in New Zealand and internationally, particularly through the New Zealand Composer Edition. Starting with landmark recordings such as Douglas Lilburn’s Landfall in Unknown Seas, the catalogue now extends to more than 70 recordings representing works by about 40 New Zealand composers. Nearly all are first recordings and include many major works including Lilburn’s Symphonies and Edwin Carr’s Piano Concerti. Kiwi Pacific’s release of David Farquhar’s Ring Round the Moon and John Ritchie’s Concertino for clarinet and strings has helped to make these two of the most popular works in the repertoire.

Releases in the last ten years have ranged from NZ choral and vocal music to chamber and orchestral music by new and established composers.

Source: Kiwi Pacific, February 2009


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